Harvard Undergraduate Biotechnology Association

What We Do


is a forum for students to learn about various aspects of the biotechnology and explore the different intersections of research and industry through interactive participation and meetings with the most powerful people in the field.

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What We Do

Current Events

Group dinners to discuss topics and news in biotech.

Academic Discussions

Dinners with faculty and industry leaders in a small setting that encourages interaction

Industry Interactions

Off-campus events including company tours.

Big Speakers

Guest lectures and symposiums with people on the cutting edge of research.

Advisor - Gregory Verdine

Dr. Gregory L. Verdine, also known as Greg, Ph.D., is a Co-Founder of Warp Drive Bio, LLC and serves as its Chairman of The Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Verdine is the founder of Verdyne Partners LLC and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He is a Co-Founder at Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc and Tokai Therapeutics. He is the President and Director at Fog Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is a thought leader in the field of chemical biology and an accomplished drug discovery entrepreneur.

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Our Team

Lena Afeyan


Carlo Bocconcelli

Vice President

Mikhail Grushko

Director of Finance

Scott Xiao

Co-Director of Programming

Brandon Wright

Co-Director of Programming

Joy Jin


Michael Liu

Co-Director of Recruitment

Jett Crowdis

Co-Director of Recruitment

Raul Jordan

Co-Director of Technology

Avinash Lal

Co-Director of Technology

Erica Budina

Chair of Internal Development